NapfZ - A port of Napf to DayZ

So this is something that I have been working on for a while now. I have obtained permission from flatterman to port Napf from arma 2 over to dayz. This is a pretty large undertaking as there are a heap of objects that exist in ArmA 2 & ArmA 2 OA that don't exist DayZ. My goal for this project isn't a 1:1 import, but rather a DayZ-ified version of Napf, like what chernarusplus is to chernarus.

At the moment, I have got most objects moved over to either the DayZ version, or sudo-ported over to DayZ (Nothing fancy, just shoehorning in arma objects in dayz... it kinda works) so it's definitely playable. I have also gone through and made some crappy loot positions for any non-native objects, however these are all pretty bad and extremely hard to make, at least until we get the actual loot position tool available to modders.

Unfortunately I have needed to rip out all the custom building that I don't have explicit permission for, such as MGB building etc. As much as I would have liked to have them, by the time I tried to get permission plus ported them over to DayZ, it would've been easier to make some new fancier buildings that look a little more modern. I have also been working with a lovely lad, comatosebadger, to go through and replace some of the outdated models with some fancy new ones.

Here is a little alpha of the map if you wanna go check it out! Please don't go uploading it to steam workshop or sharing it around as a finished product, you get the idea, this is just a preview :)

Pre-Release Download