DayZ Skeleton Zombies

This was an interesting project to attempt to try and learn how animations in video games work. From this project I at least now understand how rigging and vertex weighting works. I can now successfully say I can rig a humanoid model for use, at least relatively reasonably!

One of the more interesting things I found in this task was how much I enjoyed Object Builders default vertex painting in comparison to blender. I'm not entirely sure as to why, but it felt a lot quicker to work with, comparatively at least.

In addition to the animation work this was also my first foray into DayZs particle system, which I actually found to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. I initially was a little scared of doing it, but it seems that the tools that BI are working on for enfusion are actually really nice, and pretty self-explanatory.

I have released, at least, what I would consider an early version, please go have a look!

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